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Rovinsky and Associates, Inc.


Tony Rovinsky, President


The principal, Tony Rovinsky, has more than 27 years’ experience in all aspects of practice management, development and operations, and has established a national reputation as an expert in his field.

He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer and President for a number of healthcare companies, and multi-specialty medical practices.  He was CEO of one of the largest ophthalmic group practices in the country with eighteen locations, thirty doctors, and 300 staff members, as well as a number of other high profile ophthalmology practices.

As a Consultant, Mr. Rovinsky has always been at the forefront of innovation, providing physicians and their staff, investors, and business owners, personalized strategies to optimize patient volumes, create maximum visibility, and position their practices for profitability and growth.

He successfully negotiated over $10 million in asset sales for one client, and has met the challenging needs of many others’ over the past ten years.

Mr. Rovinsky holds an MS in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Florida. He has a BS, PA in Clinical Science from the University of Florida, as well as a BS in Business and Economics from Rollins College. Mr. Rovinsky has also completed post-graduate work in Business Management at Rollins College as well as The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tampa, Fl

About Us: Inner_about

Ashton Basch, Associate Consultant


Ashton Basch is an experienced representative of a healthcare management and marketing platform startup. She was quickly able to connect and accelerate new patient acquisition, increase patient engagement, and drastically reduce the burden on internal sources. Ashton has the ability to develop actionable research questions, prepare and analyze datasets, and present key findings to clients of Rovinsky & Associates. She also has extensive experience in social media, assisting in the development in multiple small business platforms.

Ashton holds a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and minor in Communications from University of San Diego. She earned three West Coast Champion's titles in volleyball and was among the top 50 recruits into college which led to her full ride scholarship. Ashton resides in San Diego, California.

As an associate, Ashton is focused on developing solutions for healthcare practitioners and business owners alike to help them compete in today's market.

San Diego, Ca

About Us: Inner_about
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