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Our Approach: Welcome



                                                                       OUR VALUES

Mission Statement

Rovinsky and Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest management consulting services in the healthcare field, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Unsurpassed Expertise

Our uniquely qualified specialists at Rovinsky and Associates, Inc. have extensive experience in the healthcare field, and understand the operational challenges that most medical entities encounter.

Client – Focused

We work in partnership with our clients, and deliver outstanding results. We are committed to be responsive to the client’s unique needs and environment and focus on providing practical solutions that can be implemented to the meet the client’s needs.

Highest Quality Personalized Care

Our goal is to set new standards in healthcare consulting, and maintain the highest quality of personalized service on every client project. We strive to exceed the client’s expectations, pay close attention to detail and achieve excellence in everything we do.

A Reputation for Excellence
Rovinsky and Associates, Inc. has established a national reputation for excellence, and leads the way in management consulting for the healthcare field.

                                                                 CODE OF ETHICS

  • Conduct ourselves personally and professionally in a manner that reflects positively on the firm.

  • Communicate on a professional and courteous level with prospects and clients.

  • Accept only those client engagements we are qualified to perform, not overstating the size of the firm, our experience or our capabilities.

  • Advertise our services in a manner that does not misrepresent the firm or individuals within the firm.

  • Deal honestly and fairly with clients, clearly stating to clients the nature and scope of the services to be rendered.

  • Agree with clients in advance on the basis for professional charges.

  • Render honest and impartial advice.

  • Develop realistic and practical solutions to client needs.

  • Complete the assignment to the best of our abilities.

  • Safeguard confidential client information and use proprietary client information only with the client’s prior permission.

  • Inform clients of any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting an engagement.

  • Document any violations of this Code of Ethics to the affected client with an apology.

Our Approach: Service
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